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Spring term 2 Jan–28 May 2020

Studio Reynier Gomez – all lessons cancelled during the coronavirus epidemic

We need to take responsibilty and not spread the coronavirus. Because of this all the lessons will be canceled until 29 March. We will assess the situation every second week and follow the instructions of the authorities.

If you have lessons left on 10× card it will be extended. To make sure we can dance together in the future it is time to buy 5× cards or 10× cards now via email

We will announce more at the next week end. Thank you for support and understanding. We will dance again as soon as possible.

Take care of yourself and others!❤️



17:15 Latinomix is Back (Casino, Merengue, Mambo, Conga)
18:15 Reggaeton 2–3
19:15 Son Moderno
20:15 Afro Rumba


17:15 Reggaeton 1
18:15 Solo Salsa 2–3 (New Era)
19:15 Couples' Salsa 2
20:15 Men's Solo Salsa


18:15 Bachata/Couples' Bachata 1
19:15 Couples' Salsa, Basics
20:15 Dancehall Reggae, 1–2


17:00 Couples' Salsa 3
18:00 Bachata/Couples' Bachata 2
19:00 Couples' Salsa 1
20:00 Solo Salsa 1 (New Era)



Salsa is the most well known Latin Dance form. The word 'salsa' is literally translated as 'mix' and the name describes well the combination of different dance rhythms. There are many salsa dance forms but in my classes the focus is mostly on Cuban salsa. The one that you can dance either alone or with partner. You are also welcome to join us to the couples' salsa dance classes even if you don't have a partner. Each of you will surely find some dance partner!


Latin hip-hop with Caribbean and East-American styles! In Reggaeton your whole body is moving – especially your hips, chest and shoulders. You just keep shaking them. In this style body control will be put to a test and it will make you sweat!


Salsa has taken inspiration from traditional Cuban son – one of the most influential Latin American music and dance forms. In son the step rhythm differs from the normal salsa because you dance it in a contratiempo, meaning 'against the beat'.



Cubaton combines Cuban music styles and Reggaeton. During the lessons, you get thrown into pulsating, shaking and intense movements. The tempo is brisk and the hot spirit extends from the lyrics to the dance floor.


The swinging form of bachata originally hails from the Dominican Republic. In comparison to to salsa its movements are calm, getting influences for the soft movements from bolero and other forms. In Bachata you tend to move your hips soflty in swinging way. That is why it is usually said that Bachata is a sensual and passionate dance form.

Dancehall reggae

Originally from Jamaica, dancehall represents the whole lifestyle of music fashion. Although the dance style is energetic and physical, it's also quite chill and easy going. You can spot its flexible moves and mellow flow in hip hop music videos.


One lesson – many forms. In Cuban afrodances you are dancing in bouncing-style while keeping your legs relaxed and flexible and at the same time moving your upper body in a controlled and independent way. Rumba dances stem from traditional Cuban dances of seduction, in which alluring movements and eye contact are very important.


Item Price Student price
Single 1 h 12 € 8 €
5 x lessons 55 € 39 €
10 x lessons 110 € 78 €
20 x lessons 210 € 155 €
40 x lessons 390 € 290 €
60 x lessons 510 € 420 €

Payments shall be made to the account of Studio Reynier Gómez according to the price list.
One-time payments shall be made in cash before the dance lessons at the reception. Cards for 40 and 60
lessons may be paid in two installments; cash or bank transfer.

Payee: Studio Reynier Gómez
Bank account number (IBAN): FI3917433000022149
Reference: Dancers name / card (e.g. '10 x card') / lesson name (e.g 'salsa').
All cards are personal and they are valid for one semester (autumn and spring term).

Lessons not used during the semester will not be refunded. Students must have their own accident insurance.



I learned my first coreographies as a kid, secretly watching the dance classes of the students of the the Havana Art School ENA (Escuela Nacional de Arte) from the rooftop of a building adjacent to the school. From that time dancing became my dream and when I was 15 years old, I gave my first dance lessons.

As an active dancer I was invited to perform in the first Baila en Cuba dance event and the international Para Bailar Casino TV show. My love for music also made me become a vocalist in a famous band called Michel Maza Márquez and with Grupo Kaney in Finland.

In August 2008 I moved to Finland and started teaching Cuban dance in Turku. Over the years I have given lessons in places like La Reina, LadyLine, Elixia, and in the Lauste Family Rehabilitation Centre, as well as in the sporting events Naisten Kuntovitonen and Naantalin SuperTreenit. I've taught Cuban dance in every corner of the globe, most notably in Denmark, Norway, Belgium and Germany.

In January 2016 my long-cherised dream came true and I opened my own dance studio in Turku!



Studio Reynier Gómez

The dance school is located in the courtyard at Brahenkatu 12. You can enter by pressing the buzzer beside the gate. The dance halls are located just behind the red doors to the left.

The 200 square meter space is recently renovated and we have two halls and dressing rooms for both men and women. Welcome to dance!

Studio Reynier Gómez
Brahenkatu 12

Phone: 040 961 5022

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